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Indi Face Stick Rainbow Geometric Flower Arm Tattoo Sticker

Indi Face Stick Rainbow Geometric Flower Arm Tattoo Sticker

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Product name: gay themed flower arm
Specification: 5.5 * 6 cm
Process: water transfer printing
Material: 175g water transfer paper, ink
Glue, PET protective film
Package: 20 tattoos pasted into 1 OPP bag

Due to the difference of manual measurement, please allow the size to change slightly.
The product color may be slightly different from the image due to different lighting and screen settings.
TIPS: Wipe your fingers dry before pasting, and press for a few seconds after pasting,
Please keep dry within 30min and keep away from water; It can be maintained for 5-7 days;

1. Real tattoo like, natural and comfortable
2. Tear and paste easily without fear of sweat
3. No skin injury, easy washing
4. It is easy to paste and not easy to drop, and it takes a long time to accept

Packing list:
20pc tattoo sticker * 1 pack
Tattoo sticker * 1pc

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