About us

International Luxury Quality is owned by Bliteindian. Bliteindian is a musical artist from Darlington, South Carolina who models her own brand International Luxury Quality. Bliteindian's fanbase or anyone who loves and supports Bliteindian are her Indi's. Every Indi is very special to Bliteindian.

Bliteindian created International Luxury Quality to provide every customer with luxurious products that Bliteindian loves. A few of our products that Bliteindian loves and has a passion for sharing with the world are products like our: Indi glitter eyeshadow, Indi faux mink lashes, Indi apparel, Indi shoes, Indi jewelry, etc. that is in our Bliteindian collection.

This is just the start! International Luxury Quality is working on some amazing new launches that we can’t wait to share with you.

Xo, Bliteindian 🌈

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